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I talk with Tyler Weddle from Shiloh Christian high School located in Springdale, Arkansas. Coach Weddle runs a great program and Shiloh is known for state championships not only in football but other Olympic sports as well. Lots of great things going on there. If you want to check out the football site, go to 

Coach Weddle enters his third season at Shiloh Christian. He graduated from OBU in 2012 with a B.A. in Kinesiology. In August of 2012, Coach Weddle joined the University of Arkansas football strength and conditioning staff. During his two years with the Hogs, he also completed another degree with a M.S. in Exercise Science.

We talk about motivation for the athletes, programming, how to be a successful strength coach, and how to audit and adjust your program as you continue your coaching career.

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Twitter: Shiloh Strength

Instagram: Shiloh Strength


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