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HSSC 57: Tyler Weddle talk Shiloh Christian Saints programming and motivation

I talk with Tyler Weddle from Shiloh Christian high School located in Springdale, Arkansas. Coach Weddle runs a great program and Shiloh is known for state championships not only in football but other Olympic sports as well. Lots of great things going on there. If you want to check out the football site, go to 

Coach Weddle enters his third season at Shiloh Christian. He graduated from OBU in 2012 with a B.A. in Kinesiology. In August of 2012, Coach Weddle joined the University of Arkansas football strength and conditioning staff. During his two years with the Hogs, he also completed another degree with a M.S. in Exercise Science.

We talk about motivation for the athletes, programming, how to be a successful strength coach, and how to audit and adjust your program as you continue your coaching career.

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Twitter: Shiloh Strength

Instagram: Shiloh Strength

 HSSC 56: John McKenna Notre Dame Irish Strength and 32 years of coaching

I talk with John McKenna and get some valuable nuggets in this episode. Coach McKenna has so much knowledge and experiences and is very valuable to the strength and conditioning community. He loves the field and wants to not only get his athletes better everyday but also make the industry for high school strength coaches better as well.

John McKenna is in his 18th season as Athletic Performance Director at Notre Dame High School, and has been a strength coach and football coach for over 32 years. At Notre Dame High School in his full time role he trains all physical education classes and teams in season and out of season. Coach McKenna was the first strength coach inducted into the New Jersey Coaches Hall of Fame and just recently was honored by the National Football Foundation for his Contribution to Amateur Athletics, and was just inducted to The Sports Faith Hall of Fame in Chicago. Coach had received honors from the New Jersey National Guard and Trenton Fire Department for his service to these organizations. Coach also is the moderator for Notre Dames Catholic Athletes for Christ(Trenton Diocese). Over the past 32 years Coach McKenna has trained professional, college, and high school athletes. He has also developed the popular (Building Your Foundation Youth Program) for the development of younger athletes. Coach has been a featured speaker throughout the country as a Strength Coach and a Faith Coach. Coach McKenna was just recently named to The Board Of Directors, Region 8 Northeast(ME, VT, NH, RI, CT, NY, PA, VA, WV, MD, DE. And NJ of the National High School Strength Coaches Assoc.
Coach resides in New Jersey with his wife of 42 years Charyl , has three daughters, a son, and 9 grandchildren.
 Coach bases everything off this saying: Strong Mind-Strong Body-Strong Faith=Strong Life.
Contact Coach:
 Facebook page: Irish Strength Club
Books Coach Talks about:
“Living with a Seal” by Jesse Itzler
“Chop Wood, Carry water” by Joshua Medcalf
“Instant Replay” by Gerald Kramer

HSSC 55: What is the NHSSCA? with Gary Schofield. This is EPIC! #beoriginal

I talk with Gary Schofield in this episode about the new NHSSCA which is the National High School Strength Coaches Association. This new association is going to be epic and a huge game changer for the high school strength coach. There is going to be so much value given from this new association. The website is and check out the NHSSCA Facebook page as well! Don’t forget National Conference 2017 located at Greater Atlanta Christian School in Atlanta. With a special guest appearance of ??? Ok I guess to find out you will have to attend this amazing experience!

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Facebook: Gary Schofield

GACS Facebook: GACS Strength

HSSC 54: Ponderosa Mustangs Strength Program with Patrick Nolan in Colorado

In this episode I talk with Coach Patrick Nolan from Ponderosa high school in Parker Colorado. Coach Nolan is a strength coach for both a sports performance center and Ponderosa Mustangs. He has got a great program implemented and makes sure that each athlete is developing the way they should be with movement first.

Before his current position he was the head strength and conditioning coach at Glenbrook South H.S. in Glenview, IL. And he was also a sports performance coach at TCBOOST Sports Performance in Northbrook, IL. He received his B.S. in Exercise Science at Florida State University while playing club hockey.  He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA along with having his XPS through EXOS and the FMS cert as well.

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Train Authentic Youtube

Ponderosa Strength & Conditioning

HSSC 53: How to train young athletes w/ Cody Ellet Broken Arrow Tigers in OK

In this episode I talk with coach Cody Ellet from Broken Arrow high located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Coach Ellet has some amazing facilities and the admins and parents of that district are definitely on board for the tigers. Lots of good topics we discuss like programming for tiger athletes, training tools he uses, speed and agility workouts, mobility drills, and recovery as well. Lots of good insight into his program.

Cody Ellett has been the director of Strength and Conditioning for Broken Arrow Public Schools since January 2014. As director, he works with all 20 varsity sports as well as many junior high sports in developing strength, speed, agility, conditioning, mobility, flexibility, recovery, and nutrition. Cody came to Broken Arrow in 2014 from The University of Tulsa where he spent two and a half years as a graduate assistant for strength and conditioning.   While at Tulsa, he assisted with the football’s training sessions, along with directing all facets of the women’s rowing, men’s golf, and both cross country teams training. He earned his Master of Arts in Education in December, 2013. Prior to his tenure at Tulsa, Cody spent a summer working with The University of Louisiana- Lafayette strength and conditioning department, working exclusively with the Cajun football team. In the spring of 2011, Cody served as an intern at North Dakota State University, working with the Bison football, wrestling, softball, and track and field teams. Prior to his career in strength and conditioning, Cody was a student athlete at The University of Central Oklahoma, playing five years of varsity football and earning his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Cody graduated from Broken Arrow High School in 2006.

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twitter: BAstrength

HSSC 52: John Garrish North Broward Prep in Florida talk lifelong training for athletes

I talk with Coach John Garrish from North Broward Prep in Florida. Coach Garrish has a movement based approach program which means movement precedes strength. He really wants to make sure that strength is not loaded on top of mobility deficiencies as you will hear him talk about. He really has a passion for coaching and having a huge impact on the athletes he coaches to succeed later in college sports or in life.We talk about Hockey in Florida, the new facility coming, athletic development, training the mulitsport athlete, the APRE system, coaching cues, and the HS Roundtable with featured coaches. We had a great talk, here is more about Coach Garrish.

John Garrish is serving in his third year as the Director of Athletic Development & Performance. A graduate of Wagner College and the University of North Texas, he is certified through the NSCA as a CSCS and through USAW as a Level-1 Sports Performance Coach. In addition to his role at North Broward, John serves as the Director of Athletic Performance with the Florida Rugby Union’s High Performance Program 7’s team and as a volunteer coach with Delray Beach Sports’ Exhibitors. Coach Garrish has spoken at several state and national events and has just been elected to the the National high school strength coach association board of directors for region 1. So many great things in this episode! Thanks John for coming on!

Contact Coach Garrish

facebook: John Garrish


instagram: coach_garrish

HSSC 51: Trinity Rocks Fundraising for the weightroom with Michael Snyder Louisville Kentucky

I talk with Coach Michael Snyder from Trinity High in Louisville, Kentucky. He coaches at an all boys schools with all kinds of sports available to the athletes like bass fishing, archery, bowling, lacrosse, rugby, hockey, as well as all the traditional sports. In this episode some topics include, why coach Snyder is a strength coach, lessons he has learned, his school schedule, programming, fundraising, and advice to a new strength coach. Very cool interview and coach Snyder has some great insights into his program.

Mike was named Trinity’s Strength and Conditioning Coach in 2012. He is a 2002 Graduate of Trinity, where he was a three-year varsity starter, two-time All-State selection and a member of the 2001 State Championship team.

Mike graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Exercise Science. In 2010-11, he was a member of the United States National Bobsled team and competed internationally.

Mike is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

And he also receive the Athletic Coach of the Year Award in (2016)

Contact Coach Snyder

facebook: Mike Snyder


instagram: mike_snyder35

HSSC 50: Matt Cates trains the “Want To Athletes” at Penn High Kingsman Strength Program Indiana

Matt Cates from Penn High school talks about the Want to, the have to, and the can’t do athletes. And how you coach each athlete differently. Penn High is located in Mishawaka, Indiana. This is one interview you are going to want to listen to again and again because Coach Cates has so many great ideas on training. Tons of great stuff that can be implemented with your athletes. Another great topic we talk about is the seniors role in being a leader for the rest of the team and other athletic teams in the weightroom.

Coach Cates Graduated from Portage High School in 2001, went on to play football at Manchester College where he was a 3 year letter winner.  Graduated in 2006 with a B.S. in Health and Physical Education for K-12.  He has coached sports and strength coached at the middle and high school levels and multiple schools at the same time too. He was at Martinsville high school for the past 5 years before coming to Penn High.  He has been a speaker at multiple strength clinics, seminars and summits multiple times.   He has a ton of knowledge and experience to share in this episode.

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HSSC 49: Erik Hansen- the big picture of strength & conditioning programs- Cate Rams California

In this episode I talk with coach Erik Hansen from Cate school located in Carpentaria California. Coach Hansen is in a little bit different situation than most high school strength coaches since he works at a prep school , is the swimming coach, and lives on campus too. Cate is a top 50 school in the nation for prep schools and focuses on academics for their students but with coach Hansen and the other sport coaches there, they have a great athletic program as well. They may have a small school population but they excel in their sports and extracurricular activities too.

In 2014 Hansen had the privilege of renovating the Harcourt Fitness Center to accommodate team practices. The first team to participate in the program was the girls’ volleyball, the second was football. Girl’s volleyball won a CIF title that year and, for the first time in Cate’s history, the football team did not lose any practice time in the pre-season due to injury and went on to be ranked first in the state. Prior to being the head strength and conditioning coach at Cate School, Hansen was the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Buenaventura Swim Club, assisting many swimmers to the division one level, the strength and conditioning coach for the Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team at Santa Barbara High School and a volunteer assistant for UCSB’s strength and conditioning program from 2006-2008 where he worked with men and women’s soccer, men and women’s volleyball, softball, men’s baseball, men’s and women’s swimming and track and field. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has his Master’s in Physical Education from Azusa Pacific University.

“Erik Hansen would like to recognize Marvin Lowell and Mackie Greason for all their help in the development of the program in the last two years. Without Lowell, the first ever football Spring lifting group at Cate would not have gotten off the ground and Greason has played a vital role in enhancing the quality of instruction in the Strength & Conditioning class as well as in-season lifts.”

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HSSC 48: “One Brick at a time” Shane Trotter Mansfield High Tiger Strength in Texas

I talk with coach Shane Trotter from the Mansfield Tigers located in Mansfield Texas. You may have heard of coach Trotter since he is an outstanding strength coach for the Tigers program and is also a writing contributor to many different places on the internet. He has several articles in on  and also too.

He also has his own website with a lot of great info for the high school strength coach. . It is called You can click on the links to go to those pages. Coach Trotter completed his undergraduate at TCU before becoming the strength coach at Mansfield high. He is certified with the CSCS and USAW level 1 certifications as well as the ISSA certification. At heart he is just a big kid who wants to play and coach and is passionate about bringing health and vitality to as many people as possible. He talks about so many useful tips and ideas that you can takeaway to your own program. Awesome interview and I hope you enjoy!

Contact Coach Trotter:



twitter: Trotter Training–


HSSC 47: Sam Ordung is changing lives one athlete at a time. Hillsboro Burros Strength Tennesee

In this episode I talk with coach Sam Ordung from Hillsboro high located in Nashville, TN. The Hillsboro Burros are a growing program in Nashville and Coach Ordung is the mastermind behind it all. He has changed and influenced a lot of athletes lives for the better at this inner city school.

Coach Ordung has a pretty unique situation and a very busy life and coaching career. Sam received his BA from the University of Nebraska, his Masters in divinity from Vanderbilt divinity school and is CSCS certified through the NSCA. In college at the University of Nebraska he was a gymnast for the corn huskers in 2008 and 2009.

He became the strength coach and coached football at Franklin High school in Tennessee before moving on to be the head strength coach at Hillsboro high in 2014. Coach Ordung has tons of very cool insights on some of the topics we cover and is excited about coaching kids at the high school level. He cares for the athlete’s he trains and wants the best for them during their high school career and after.

Contact Coach Ordung:



HSSC 46: Tony Stewart North Scott Lancer Strength in Iowa builds the whole athlete

I talk with coach Tony stewart from North Scott high school in Iowa. Coach stewart has been coaching for while now and knows how to get that energy and drive out of his athletes to do big things. He really takes it slow when he starts to train 6-8th graders to ensure success later on. He also has a great program he uses when they first enter into Lancer strength. He also gives some great tips and techniques on how to test athletes without having to use expensive tech like Omega Wave. Coach Stewart has an awesome program and its about to get even aweseomer, because we talk about his new strength facility that is currently being built that he had a major part in when it came down to the blueprints. Lots of cool stuff to talk to coach Stewart about. Some great takeaways for sure!

Tony Stewart was a track and field thrower at Iowa State University, then went on to teach and coach at Winterset high school for 2 years before moving into strength and conditioning at Illinois State university. Then in 2009 he landed a high school strength coach job at North Scott high and has been building the program ever since. He has a master of science degree and is CSCS certified.

Contact Coach Stewart:



New Construction Pictures here: Lancer Fitness Center

HSSC 45: How to raise money for the weightroom with Doug Gle Traverse City Central Trojans in Michigan

I talked with Doug Gle about fundraising, velocity based training, and how to get the best out of his athletes everyday. Lots of cool nuggets in this episode. Doug Gle from Traverse city central Michigan has tons of great ideas and thoughts on training the high school athlete. He has a ton of knowledge and experience. As one topic we discuss is how he raised over $100,000 for equipment and supplies through grants and fundraising for his facility. Very cool stuff.

Coach Gle has taught life science, physical science, environmental science, science nutrition and physical education. He is also the strength and conditioning coach as well as coaching football, basketball and track. He implements and directs the strength program during the school year and summers.

Doug Gle’s undergrad was from Hope college in kinesiology and exercise science and then later got a masters from western Michigan university with an MA in kinesiology and exercise science. He has coached at the University of Northern Iowa, western Michigan University, and eastern Michigan university. He is NSCA certified, and also USA weightlifting certified since 1996 and 1998 respectively.

Contact Coach Gle:



For more info on nominating a school, partnering or donating to a school in need, check out

HSSC 44: Tiger Strength in the Midwest is competitive with Coach Scott Meier from Minnesota

I talk with Scott Meier from the Farmington Tigers located in Farmington Minnesota in the Midwest. Farmington high is in one of the toughest conferences in Minnesota and Coach Meier knows he has to have his athletes ready for every sport because of this high level of competition. Coach Meier has a lot of great things to share in this interview and he goes into depth about the tiger strength and conditioning program and I am sure you will be able to pull more than a few nuggets of info out of it to help mold and refine your own program.

Scott Meier will be starting his 18th year at Farmington this fall, and was the head Strength & Conditioning coach at Lakeville High School two years prior to that while working as a personal trainer. Scott has a B.S. in Exercise & Sport Science from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, and did his graduate work and teacher licensure at the University of Minnesota. His additional certifications have included: Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), Certified Personal Trainer (ACE), and USA Weightlifting Certified Club Coach (Level 1). Scott coached the successful Farmington weightlifting team for 8 years and is a nationally ranked masters-level sprinter. Lots of great things to hear from coach Meier, so listen up!

“Your work habits determine your future”–Boyd Epley

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HSSC 43: How to train high school athletes with Cal Dietz, Jeff Nichols, Brandon Lilly, Ron Mckeefery, Adam Nelson, Aaron Ausmus and Daniel McKim”

Cal Dietz, Jeff Nichols, Brandon Lilly, Ron Mckeefery, Adam Nelson, Aaron Ausmus and Daniel McKim talk about training the high school athlete. I was recently at Summer Strong 9 in Columbia, SC and I thought I would find out from some of the best coaches and athletes in the nation what their take was on training the high school athlete. What exercises should they be doing, what should they be competent at when entering college, what are mobility drills to perform, how to fix the deadlift, bench, and squat and many more. I got some pretty great answers and every coach had differing opinions on training which is always good so that you can gain a new perspective on training. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think of it.

HSSC 42: Mark Hoover Panther- Strength & Conditioning, talks about APRE and Velocity Based Training

Mark Hoover from Panther Strength talks APRE and VBT training in Monroe, North Carolina at Piedmont High School.  Coach Hoover has done some updating to his program and has some interesting insights to share into his programming. He has implemented the APRE readiness program and has also been training with some Velocity Based programs too from Bryan Mann.

Mark Hoover is a 1996 graduate of Hiram College (OH) and received his teaching certification from Edinboro University of Pa in 2000. His current certifications include Health and Physical Education K-12, , NASM-PES, USAW Level 1 and Level 2 as well as the USAW High School Sports Performance program. Coach Hoover has been coaching for 21 years that includes 11 years as a head football coach and 2 as an assistant at the NCAA level.

Contact Coach Hoover:


twitter: phspanthersfb

Facebook: Mark Hoover

HSSC 41: Boilermakers Strength- Adam Vogel trains and tracks athletes with new tech

I talk with Adam Vogel from Bradley Bourbonnais high school located in Bradley Illinois. He has a great program with some pretty unique features to the school and the athletic department. He also has some exciting things going on there with some cool new tech he is using too. Catapult sports has helped him really get the most out of training. He can track his athletes and get many measurables from it. I also talk to him about his nutrition and mobility programming as well.  How does he motivate himself and his athletes? He shares a lot about this as well. This is a great episode with some great takeaways so make sure you try and catch them all.

Adam Vogel graduated from Indiana state and played defensive end on the football team and received his bachelors in psychology there as well. After college he played in the arena football league for 4 years before getting his masters from Oliviet Nazarene university. Besides being the head strength coach at Bradley Bourbonnais, he also coaches the defensive line and he is USA weightlifting level 1 certified.

Contact Coach Vogel



HSSC 40: Summer Stong 9 features top speakers and athletes with Bert Sorin from Sorinex

Bert Sorin, who is the owner and president of Sorinex exercise equipment located in Columbia, SC talks about Summer Strong 9. Do you want to be around other like minded coaches and athletes? This is the clinic of the year! This is such a great clinic and there is so much to learn there and better yourself as a strength coach for your athletes.

The speakers are amazing every year and as you will hear, the speakers, coaches and attendees come from all walks of life, and there is so much to learn from each other as well. Really a great clinic to attend an connect with others like yourself. Check out the clinic at .Remember if this clinic sounds like it is something you want to go to it starts  May 20th through the 22nd. 

HSSC 39: Bryan Pulliam at Athens Academy Spartan Strength of America Award

Coach Bryan Pulliam from Athens Academy has a highly successful program and recieves awards for it from the NSCA. His dedication to the program is awesome and it really shows in the structure and organization as well as the culture that he has there. There is great emphasis on strength and condition there and a huge buy in from administrators as well as sport coaches. Coach pulliam drops some great knowledge bombs in this episode so rewind and listen again if you have too.

Coach Pulliam graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in science in exercise and sport science. He has been the strength coach at Athens Academy for 12 years now and also is the owner operator of Sport Speed which is a sports performance training company. He was the NSCA Georgia state director for 2 years and was also on the state advisory board as well. He is certified through the NSCA with his CSCS and is a Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach with Distinction as well (RSCC*D). He has also been the recipient of the strength of America award for the past 5 years from the NSCA. This award honors high schools that exhibit the highest standards in safety and success of young athletes.

Contact Coach Pulliam at

HSSC 38: The Godfather of High School Strength & Conditioning Kevin Vanderbush Ben Davis High, Indianapolis

Coach Kevin Vanderbush from Ben Davis High located in Indianapolis , Indiana. Coach Vanderbush is one of the very first or possibly the first full time strength coach to make such a huge impact at the high school level. Since starting the program at Ben Davis in 1984, the success has only gotten better and better every single year from his program. He has some amazing things to share an there are so many gold nuggets and takeaways in this episode that you just might want to listen to it again.   If for some reason you are not familiar with Coach Vanderbush here is just a very brief history on him since he has done so much for the strength community.

Coach Vanderbush graduated from Purdue university with his bachelors in 1984 and got his master of science in 1995 from Indiana University. He has been coaching at Ben Davis for the last 32 years. He is currently the NSCA high school special interest group chair, and has been a speaker at a lot of nSCA events. He is even speaking this July at the NSCA national conference. He has been the Samson Strength coach of the year in 2008, NSCA high school strength coach of the year in 2007 and from the Pro football strength and conditioning coaches society he received the high school strength coach of the year in 2001. and the list keeps going on and on with all of his accomplishments. He also has been a contributing writer to many various journals and publications. He trains over 400 athletes a day in his 6200 square foot weight room and is getting them better every single day.

Reach out to Coach for info on programming. He loves to talk to other Strength Coaches.


twitter: @CoachVanderbush

website: Giants Strength weightroom

HSSC 37: Dragon Strength Training in Iowa with Brian Lutter

Coach Brian Lutter from Johnston High school located in Johnston Iowa talks Dragon Strength & Conditioning. Coach Lutter has been with Johnston high for 11 years now and has really built the strength program to what it is today. The program has come a long way and it shows in the athletes there. Every athlete is getting better and improving athletic performance while decreasing injuries. Coach Lutter takes nothing for granted and just wants to train athletes and just do something to get them better everyday. He also has great relationships with the sport coaches he works with and is able to get help from them when training the athletes during the school year or even during the summer sessions. And this is one aspect as to why the program is such a success.

Besides being the director of strength and conditioning for all dragon athletes, he is also an assistant varsity football coach and physical education teacher.   He has also coached varsity wrestling and varsity girls track.

Brian received his Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Human Performance from Iowa State University where he was also a member of the Cyclone Football team.  He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength & Conditioning Association and holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Education from Drake University.

Brian is also competitive powerlifter and a member of the 22nd Street Barbell powerlifting team. So he not only talks the talk of strength and conditioning he walks it too. Brian Lutter has a ton of info and knowledge to share and I think there is something that you will be able to takeaway from this episode. Thank you Coach Lutter for your time!

Contact Coach Lutter


twitter: JCSD Strength

Dragon Strength: Strength Website


HSSC 36: Texas Football and Strength Training with Denton Guyer Wildcats and Coach Kyle Keese

Coach Kyle Keese from Denton Guyer High school located in Denton Texas trains the Wildcasts to get better everyday. If you know anything about the combination of Texas and football then you know that it is big business and this also includes the strength and conditioning programs there too. At Denton Guyer they take this very seriously and have had great success in the 10 years they have been open as a high school. Coach Keese has done a great job of getting all athletes involved and also keeping them highly motivated with goal setting for each player and building those personal relationships. Coach Keese is going to talk about some agility and movement drills called GRID and it is something that I think would be great to add to any athletic program. And notice how I said athletic program, because this really applies to all athletes and all sports. Kids need more movement these days and coach Keese has a great solution for it.

Coach Keese holds a BS in exercise and sports studies from Tarleton State university where he played football as well. He Coached at Crownover middle school which is a feeder school for Guyer and then moved to the high school the following year. In previous years he has also coached linebackers along with his duties as a strength coach. He holds his CSCS certification as well as his RSCC, and is also level 1 certified sports performance coach for USA weightlifting.

Contact Coach Keese


twitter: @kylekeese

facebook: Kyle Keese

Coach Keese Youtube: YT Channel

Coach Kegans Youtube: YT Channel

Denton Guyer Wildcats Strength Website: Wildcat Strength

Book Recommendation: Above the Line: Lessons in Leadership and Life from a Championship Season by Urban Meyer and Wayne R Coffey


HSSC 35: Pleasant Valley Spartans go hard in Iowa w/ Strength Coach Ryan Arnold

Coach Ryan Arnold from Pleasant Valley High School located in Bettendorf, Iowa trains all athletes and makes each one better every day. Coach Arnold has an outstanding program, and he has a great assistant coach staff as well as he uses a lot of college students that are wanting to be strength coaches from a few of the surrounding universities. He also has a tremendous way to motivate his athletes, and it has helped with the overall success and culture of the athletic department.

Ryan Arnold has been the strength coach at Pleasant Valley Since 2009. He works with all spartan athletes and is committed to their success. His time, effort and expertise has been crucial to the development of each member of the athletic teams and the improvements on the playing field.  He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Sports Performance Coach (USAW) and USA Level 1 Track and Field Coach (USATF).  He also has his Masters of Education Degree.

Contact Coach Arnold:


Spartan Strength Website: PV Valley Spartans

Youtube Channel: Spartan videos

HSSC 34: Dan Stevens strength coaches at two high schools; Thomas Worthington and Worthington Kilbourne, how??

Coach Dan Stevens is a superman strength coach as he is coaching and juggling two different strength programs in Columbus Ohio.  He splits time with both schools in the district and is able to work with athletes and non athletes and help everyone get just a little bit better every single day. He is part Cardinal and part wolf and obviously stays in #beastmode the whole time to be able to accomplish this task as a high school strength and conditioning coach. Lets just say that lots of high school kids in north Columbus OH are in pretty good shape.

Coach Stevens has also coached football and track and field at both Worthington Kilbourne and Thomas Worthington. He has 30+ years of coaching experience. During those years, he has spent a significant amount of time under the bar learning to lift and learning how to teach others. He has competed in powerlifting and is a Bigger, Faster, Stronger Certified Strength Specialist, and USA Track and Field Level 1 & 2 certified coach and USA Weightlifting certified club coach.   Stevens also holds a B.S. in Education.

Contact Coach Stevens:


HSSC 33: Carroll High Chargers Strength & Conditioning Indiana with Nico Tigulis

Today I talk with Coach Nico Tigulis from Carroll High school located in Fort Wayne Indiana and he has a big program with Charger Athletics. This is another episode with another great coach from Indiana. Coach Tigulis trains both athletes and non athletes and they have really bought into the program. Coach Tigullis is also a football coach too, so he is able to really be hands on with the football players too. The chargers have had excellent sports season since implementing a strength program and are looking to get better every day. Coach Tigulis has been in Northwest Allen County Schools since 2003 and has been teaching at Carroll since 2011.  He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Certified Speed & Agility Coach (CSAC).

Contact Coach Tigulis:



Youtube: Nico Tigulis

 HSSC 32: WeBo Stars Strength program with Jayme Comer in Indiana uses tech to track athletes

Jayme Comer from Western Boone High school located in Thorntown, Indiana. Webo high school as they refer to it, is just outside of Indianapolis. Coach Comer has some really exciting training programs going on there and almost all athletes are able to work with coach Comer since he trains at least 90% of athletes that step on the court or field. He also has a really cool piece of tech he is using to track his athletes too so I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Jayme Comer is in his second year as the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Western Boone Stars. Coach Comer previously worked at Texas Christian University, working with all of the Horned Frogs athletic teams. Prior to his time in Fort Worth, Coach Comer worked for the University of Indianapolis Greyhounds and their strength and conditioning department. Comer graduated from Universty of Indy in 2012 with a degree in Exercise Science. And he is also certified through United States Weightlifting (USAW). Lots of great things to hear from Coach Comer and his strength program so lets go to that interview right now!

Contact Coach Comer to learn more from him:



Website: Webo Strength

Youtube: Webo Workout Videos


HSSC 31: Championship Jenks Trojan Strength Program with Coach Jordan Johnson in Oklahoma

Today I talk with Coach Jordan Johnson from Jenks High school located in Jenks OK. If you are from that region of the US then you probably know where Jenks is and that they have a great football and athletic program. The Trojans football team just won their 4 state championship in a row and they have won 16 total state championships throughout the years. Their athletic program is really strong and Coach Johnson is right in the middle of all of it. He has been at Jenks since 2012.

Jordan Johnson is a native of Oklahoma and has his USAW and CSCCA certifications. He graduated from Texas Tech in 2007 with a bachelors in Exercise science and minor in health. He has been coaching for 10 years now with previous stops in the college ranks like Texas Tech, University of Arkansas, University of Mississippi, University of Texas at El Paso, and the University of Tulsa. As you can hear, he has lots of experience training athletes. Jordan is married to Amanda Jo Johnson and they have a daughter, Emma Jo Johnson.


Twitter: @jcjohnson40

Website: Trojan Strength


HSSC 30: Deer Park Strength Program in Texas with Coach Doug Bull trains 900 athletes!

Doug Bull trains 900 athletes and has an extraordinary program at Deer Park Strength in Deer Park Texas. You may have heard of Deer Park high and Coach Bull before since he holds a really big high school strength coach clinic every January for the past 6 years and it has grown bigger every year. Coach Bull came from the college ranks and really has a lot of experience with training athletes. His journey is pretty unique and since being at Deer Park, he has created a great strength program that produces great athletes. You need to check out to not only see his 1st weightroom but his 2nd weightroom as well. He has pretty awesome facilities and his website is full of great resource too.

Doug Bull is starting his 9th year as Deer Park’s District Strength and Conditioning Coordinator. He brings with him 20 years of strength and conditioning experience ranging from Jr. High School to Division I athletics. Including coaching stops at Northern State, Fort Hays State, Illinois State, and The United States Naval Academy.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. He is certified as a specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and a Level 1 Coach through the United States Weightlifting Association. He has been nationally recognized for the work he has done to promote training secondary athletes and has served as a consultant in the creation of over a dozen full time strength positions nationwide, as well as a consultant on programing for both the high school and jr. high levels.

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Twitter: Deer Park Strength



HSSC 29: Coach Rob Brokaw and the Archbishop Bergan Knights Strength Program in Nebraska

Rob Brokaw is in his 4th year as the Strength Coach of Archbishop Bergan High School in Fremont Nebraska. He is a graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan University with a degree in Exercise Science. He is a Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach with the NSCA and also has a sports performance certification from the USAW. He loves his job as a strength coach and loves working with the athletes he trains. Being in Nebraska he has tons of great coaches there as resources and he for sure reaches out to learn more. He is also hosting a Nebraska High School Strength Coach Clinic this April with great speakers. You can check out the website here to register and see the schedule: Nebraska State Strength Coach Clinic

Contact Coach Brokaw:


twitter: Strength Coach Rob

Facebook Page: Archbishop Bergan Strength


HSSC 28: How a Strength Coach transitions to a new high school with Coach Brian Jackson

Coach Brian Jackson from Lakewood high school located in Sumter, South Carolina. Coach Jackson is longtime strength coach in South Carolina being at one school for 18 years and now is making a transition from Crestwood high to the new school of Lakewood high this year for his 19th year as a strength coach.  You may remember coach Jackson as he was on Episode 8-Brian Jackson talks State Strength Meets-click to listen,  when I talked to him about strength meets and how the South Carolina strength meet is operated. And for sure reach out to him if you would like to start your own in our state or your region because he has all the info on how to run a great meet. He is an outstanding coach, mentor and friend.

Coach Jackson is the head football coach and strength coach, and also teaches animated computer production, programming and other courses in the computer department. He was awarded the region track coach of the year in 2007, 2008, and 2009. And also received the state strength coach of the year for class 3A in 2003 and 2007. And also After playing football at Clemson university he received his bachelors degree in management in 1991, and he also has a masters degree in sports administration that he received in 2005 . Coach Jackson has a ton of experience in the field and I look forward to hearing about what he does with his program and the new transition he is making to another school.

State Strength Meet–March 19th, 2016–White Knoll High School in South Carolina

Contact Coach Jackson.  or


 HSSC 27: Noblesville Millers Strength Training in Indiana with Coach Brian Clarke

Coach Clarke is in his 8th year at Noblesville High School. He is a native of the northwest side of Chicago and graduated from Butler University (Bachelors Degree: Secondary Education/ Exercise Science and Masters Degree: School Administration EPPSP). This is Coach Clarke’s 14th year as a head strength and conditioning coordinator. Coach Clarke came to Noblesville in the summer of 2008 after highly successful stops at Warren Central (IN) and Pike High School (IN). In all he has been taken part in 11 Indiana High School State Championships. Lastly, he was named a semi-finalist for the National High School Strength Coach of the Year in 2007 by, American Football Monthly.

Coach Clarke is a strength and conditioning specialist who is responsible for over 650 students daily, and has trained over two hundred collegiate athletes and numerous NBA, MLB, and NFL players. Clarke teaches Noblesville’s Athletic Weights class and is responsible for developing and implementing pre/post season strength and conditioning programs for all athletic teams. In addition, Coach Clarke is Noblesville High School’s Wellness Department Chair. The goals of Noblesville Strength and Conditioning Program are to enhance athletic performance, prevent injury, improve confidence, and develop a championship mentality/attitude. Coach Clarke is married to Michelle who is a Middle School Guidance Counselor and has 3 children: Jack (7 yrs), and Allie (4 yrs) and Kellan (16 months).

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Ross Schwisow serves as the Strength and Conditioning coordinator for the USD 458 district, (Basehor Linwood High) His program involves morning sessions, class sessions, and after school sessions that reach over 300 students a week during the school year as well as the summer.

Schwisow came to Basehor-Linwood high school in the summer of 2006 from the University of Missouri where he served as a Strength and Conditioning Assistant. Schwisow was directly in charge of the Tigers golf and tennis programs while also assisting the football and basketball programs among others.

Schwisow is a Certified Specialist in Strength and Conditioning (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Associaton. He is also a Strength and Conditioning Certified Coach (SCCC) by the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Association. He is also currently in the process of training to receive his Level 1 Olympic Certification

Schwisow began his coaching/teaching at Rossville High School in Rossville, KS where he served as and assistant Football coach, and Head Girls Basketball and Track coach while teaching business courses. Schwisow earned a bachelor of business degree from Washburn University in 2000 and a master of education degree in health education from the Univeristy of Missouri in 2006.

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Book recommendation: Coach Wooden One-On-One


 HSSC 25 – Michael Gilligan Bixby High Spartan Strength Program strives for the best in Oklahoma!

Coach Michael Gilligan is the head strength coach at Bixby High school located in Bixby Oklahoma. Coach Gilligan has had incredible results and successes since implementing his strength program for the Spartans 2 years ago. Last football season they were 2014 state champs for their division. And many other teams have had successful seasons as well. And their facilities at Bixby are top notch too and coach Gilligan really uses all the space he has and makes great use of it for the huge number of athletes he trains. Here is a little bio about Coach.

Coach Gilligan is in his second year as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Bixby High School. Prior to Bixby High School, Gilligan coached in the Big Ten Conference at Northwestern University and the University of Illinois. In 2010, Gilligan received his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotions with an emphasis in Exercise and Health from Oklahoma State University. Gilligan later earned his Master’ s Degree in Sports Administration from Northwestern University.

Coach Gilligan holds certifications from the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, The National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Weightlifting as a Certified Sports Performance Coach, and is also an FMS Certified Exercise Professional.

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 HSSC 24: Coach Garrett Keith Westminster Christian Academy talks about “Day by Day” when training athletes

Today I talk with Coach Garrett Keith who is the head strength coach at Westminster Christian Academy located in Huntsville Alabama. Coach Keith has really implemented a great program there and his athletes have really bought into the program. And in turn they seeing great success in their athletic program.

Garrett has been the strength and conditioning coach at WCA for 6 years. He is a 1999 graduate of American Christian Academy. After high school he attended the University of North Alabama where he was a four-year letterman and captain (2002) on the football team. Garrett is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the national strength and conditioning association (NSCA), is a Certified Underground Strength Coach through Zach Even-Esh’s Underground Strength Gym, and is a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS) through Joe DeFranco and Jim Smith. He works with all of the athletic teams at WCA as well as being an assistant football coach.

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Today I talk with Coach Hunter Wood from Apopka High school located in Florida. Coach Wood has had a very successful run with football over the last few years, and the other sports he works with have been successful as well. Lots of good things going on at Apopka, so before we get to the interview, here is just a little about coach wood. Coach Hunter Wood is a graduate of East Carolina University where he was a 4 year letter winner with the Pirate Football Team. After graduation Coach moved to Central Florida and began to train and prepare Central Florida’s top athletes, teams and corporate professionals. A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist a  Performance Enhancement Specialist as well as being Functional Movement Screen Certified, Coach Wood uses his education and experience to gain the most out of each client and team that he trains. Coach Wood has had the opportunity to train and prepare the following over the past 9 years… He has trained

  • NFL Pro Bowlers
  • NFL Drat Picks
  • NCAA All Americans
  • Under Armour All Americans
  • 2012 and 2014 8A Football State Champions
  • Numerous College Scholarship Recipients
  • And many many more!

Contact Coach Wood


Facebook: Hunter Wood

Facebook: CWSC Performance


Book- Triphasic Training

HSSC 22 – Coach Patrick McHenry talks Sabercat Strength from Castle View High Colorado

Today I talk with Coach Patrick McHenry. He is the Director of Strength & Conditioning at Castle View High school in Castle Rock, CO. Patrick designs the lifting & speed / agility programs for all the strength training classes as well as working with the schools 23 varsity sports.  Patrick’s Masters Degree is in Physical Education, emphasis Kinesiology from the University of Northern Colorado. He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with Distinction and a Coach Practitioner with the National Strength & Conditioning Association. Patrick is also a Certified Club Coach with USA Weightlifting.

Coach McHenry has worked with athletes from youth to the Elite level in a wide variety of sports. Many of his high school athletes go on to play volleyball, wrestling, football, softball, soccer, swimming and lacrosse at the colligate level.

In 2003 Patrick was the regional Strength coach of the Year for American Football Monthly, in 2005 he was the NSCA High School Strength Coach of the year and in 2006 he received the Editorial Excellent Award from the Strength and Conditioning Journal. Patrick received the 2010 Strength of America Award from the President’s Council on Fitness. In 2012 Patrick was the Colorado High school Physical Education teacher of the year.

Patrick has presented to coaches and physical education teachers at state, national and international conferences. He has spoken extensively on developing young champions and getting youth athletes to the next level. Patrick is published in books, journals, manuals and videos. He is the former Colorado state director for the NSCA, is the past -chairman for the NSCA High School Special Interest Group, on the NSCA Coaching Performance Committee. Patrick was also on the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) Sport Steering Committee. Patrick is currently on the National Strength and Conditioning Association Board of Directors.

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HSSC 21 – Coach Eric Reed from Raymond Ellis high in AZ talks Cougar Strength & Conditioning

Today I talk with Coach Eric Reed from Raymond S. Kellis high school located in Glendale Arizona. Coach Reed has been at the high school level for 10 years now but started out interning at Northern Arizona University, he coached at some junior colleges in the area, and spent 2 years working with the Arizona rattlers which is an arena football team located in Phoenix. He is CSCS certified with Distinction and an RSCC as well and served as the Arizona state director. He is currently the rocky mountain regional director for the NSCA. Coach Reed is also serving as the high school SIG vice chair for the NSCA. Make sure you listen closely to this episode because Coach Reed had a lot of great takeaways that may help you with your own program.

Coach Reed also included a 4 Day lifting program for you to check out here: Workout Card-4 Day Lift-Football Summer

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Facebook: Eric Reed


HSSC 20 – Coach Mark Wine on how De La Salle’s strength program is different from every other high school

Today I talk with Coach Mark Wine from De La Salle high school in California. De La Salle has a great athletic program and has really excelled in football the last few years. They were ranked #1 nationally this preseason for football. Coach Wine talks about how De La Salle’s strength program is different from every other high school program in the nation.  Here is a little about Coach Wine.

Mark Wine is the owner of Functional Muscle Fitness in Concord, CA. which is an elite athletic and fitness performance center with a client range from 6 to 72 years old. Coach Wine is also currently the head Strength & Conditioning Coach for De La Salle High School, team USA Synchronized Swimming, Walnut Creek Soccer Club and team Haiti Polo team.

Coach Wine holds a BA from San Diego State University and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist from the NSCA; a weightlifting coach from USA Weightlifting; and a performance enhancement specialist, corrective exercise specialist and personal training from the NASM.

Contact Coach Wine here:





De La Salle:


HSSC 19- Midwest Strength & Conditioning from Lincoln High Nebraska with Coach Venable

Today I talk with Coach Venable from Lincoln high school. Coach Venable has a big background in Olympic weightlifting and has some really great training methods when it comes to training the high school athlete. And since Coach Boyd Epley has returned to Nebraska, he has been able to use Coach Epley as a resource for his high school strength program. Coach Venable has a really cool background in training and is having great success in the high school realm.

Coach Stewart Venable brings his passion, knowledge and three decades worth of experience to Lincoln Public Schools District.
Venable’s resume is astounding, and includes ownership of Athletic Results; his duties as assistant strength coach at MidAmerica Nazarene University (’09­-’12) and Immaculate High School (’08-­’09); numerous certifications to include Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the NSCA, USA Weightlifting Level 2 Coach and numerous other certifications.
Venable’s thirst for knowledge and passion for training has created relationships with some of the best in his field : Master of Sport USSR Coach Boris Urman, Hall of Fame Coach Tom Cross, internationally competitive Olympic Weightlifters and Strength & Conditioning Coaches Whitney Rodden (MNU) and Anna Martin are just a few.

From 1990 to 2012 Venable was employed by the Department of Justice as a Lieutenant, Special Ops Leader and Sports Specialist. While working at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, he designed and implemented performance enhancement programs for inmates. Prior to his retirement he spearheaded an online fitness project for Department of Justice staff.

Coach Venable has been a competitive Powerlifter for 16 years and Olympic Weightlifter for 10 years. He is the 2010 American Masters Weightlifting Champion, 2011 Masters National Champion, and has claimed other state and national titles. Venable served in the U.S. Army for seven years, and was an undefeated amateur boxer. He has articles concerning youth fitness programming, strength and conditioning and two Olympic Weightlifting articles published in the Lincoln Journal Star City Sports.

Contact Coach Venable:

Instagram: Coach_Venable

Facebook page: Nebraska Weightlifting club


Elite Form: Elite Form Website

Article Link: Benefit of having a high school strength coach


“Talent is overrated” Link to the book

“Applied Sprint Training”Link to James Smith Book

“Growth Mindset” Growth Mindset page

“A call to serve” Amazon Link to book

“Velocity Based training” Link to article from Bryan Mann

HSSC 18: Coach Tobias Jacobi talks about his movement screening at Strong Rock Christian

Today I talk with Coach Toby Jacobi from Strong Rock Christian school. Coach Jacobi has been at the college level for the past 14 years and has finally made a transition to the high school level. He has been able to use his extensive knowledge on training athletes now at Strong Rock.  But as you will hear in the interview, there are always challenges you will face at the high school level.

His journey into the strength field is very interesting and he has had a ton of great mentors and people to work with through the years.  There are many great takeaways in this episode so make sure you listen closely.  Here is just a quick look at who Coach Jacobi is.

B.S. Physical Education, Cumberland University 2000

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength & Conditioning Association

Registered Strength & Conditioning Coach with Distinction by the National Strength & Conditioning Association

Certified as a Sports Performance Coach by the United States Weightlifting Association

Certified Level 1 Instructor by the Titlist Performance Institute

Certified Level 1 Coach by the United States Track & Field Association


2nd Year at Strong Rock Christian

2014-2012 Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach – East Carolina University

2012-2008 Director of Strength & Conditioning – Charleston Southern University

2008-2006 Football Strength & Conditioning Coach – Kent State University

2006-2002 Coordinator of Strength & Conditioning – Western Carolina University

2002-2001 Strength & Conditioning Coach – Elon University

2001-2000 Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach – University of North Carolina

2000 Strength & Conditioning Coach – Cumberland University



facebook-Strong Rock Strength & Conditioning

HSSC 17: Weightroom Organization, Safety and Policies and Procedures

In this episode I am going to talk about organization, safety, policies and procedures, and setup at the beginning of the school year that will ensure you are productive the whole year.

There are many topics covered in this episode. I talk about communication with athletes and sport coaches, trainers, campus security and the administration. I also talk about setup and organization of the weightroom when it comes to having a efficient function weightroom.

I also give examples on weight room polices and rules to follow that will help the weight room training day run more smoothly. A little later I talk about procedures whether they are for class or they are for emergency procedures.

How about the maintenance and cleanliness of the weightroom. These are two important factors when maintaining a good training environment where athletes can feel safe, clean, and ready to train hard. Along with cleaniless is the maintenance and I give a list of basic tools that are needed to maintain, fix and repair your weightroom equipment so it lasts a long time.

Leave comments or email me at for items and topics I missed or any show feedback or ideas for the next high school strength coach podcast.

 HSSC 16:Ryan Johnson from Wayzata High School in Minnesota talks about the Multisport Athlete

Another awesome podcast today in episode 16 with Ryan Johnson of Wayzata High school located in Plymouth, Minnesota. A Midwest strength coach on today’s show and we will dive into questions about that region on strength training, strength competitions, and how to train the Minnesota hockey player. Here is a little info about Coach Johnson.

Ryan Johnson, CSCS,*D, RSCC*D

Coach Johnson teaches physical education at Wayzata High School and is the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for Wayzata Public Schools. Wayzata Athletics have captured 36 team state titles in his tenure and Johnson works directly with the three-time state champion football team as Director of Operations and Player Development. He is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and is the Minnesota NSCA State Director. He also serves on the National High School Weightlifting NSCA Special Interest Group Executive Board. In 2010, he was named the NSCA Minnesota High School Strength and Conditioning Professional of the Year. In 2013, he was named the NSCA State Director of the Year. A former volunteer firefighter, he also received an Award of Merit from the Minnesota Department of Health and Safety for participation in a lifesaving CPR/AED effort to revive a player that suffered sudden cardiac arrest while at practice. Johnson is a frequent clinician, speaker and his Wayzata Trojan Power program has been visited by over 50 other high school and small college programs. He also volunteers his time in the Rockford School District where he and his wife and four children reside by serving as the Rockford Area Athletic Association President and Youth Football Director.

Contact Coach Johnson:


Twitter: http://Twitter: rj_power_

Facebook: Ryan Johnson

Youtube Trojan Strength Video: 2015 Trojan Power Summer Strength

HSSC 15: Coach Gary Schofield from Greater Atlanta Christian talks about his philosophy on strength training

Today I have another awesome episode. I will be talking with Coach Gary Schofield from Greater Atlanta Christina school. You may have seen Coach Schofield talk at many clinics and conferences and you know he has been in the business for a long time and has a  wealth of knowledge in strength coaching. He has a nationally recognized high school program down in Atlanta.

Entering his 21st year as a nationally certified and state licensed athletic trainer (NATA) and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS, *D) & Registered Strength & Conditioning Coach® (RSCC*D) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Coach Schofield has had the opportunity to coach and assist in the athletic development of athletes with teams and organizations from the NBA, Arena Football League, East Coast Hockey League, United States Basketball League, WCW Wrestling, North American Soccer League, the Georgia State Olympic Development Program, USA Track & Field and many other pro and amateur organizations. During the past 20 years, he has also been blessed to work individually with over 500 high school athletes that have gone on to NCAA scholarships, over 125 professional athletes, and 3 Olympians. Coach Schofield received a BS in Sports Medicine, with special emphasis in athletic training, from Marietta College (Ohio) in 1993 and have continued his education with the graduate degree program in athletic training at Georgia State University and is currently completing a Masters of Arts in Teaching in Health & Physical Education from the University of North Georgia.

Along with serving as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at GACS for the last 13 years, he also currently serves as the NSCA Southeast Regional Coordinator and was named the NSCA National High School Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year in 2012.  The GACS Sports Performance Training Program has received national recognition by being one of only 8 institutions awarded the Strength of America Award from 2010-14 in recognition of developing an elite high school strength and conditioning program. Coach Schofield is a sought after speaker both nationally and internationally and resides in McDonough, Georgia with his wife Amanda, son Brett and daughter Savannah.

Contact Coach


Facebook: Gary Schofield

GACS Facebook: GACS Strength

High Schools Sports Performance Alliance:


HSSC 14: Coach Jon Hersel from York High talks Cougar Strength & Conditioning

In todays episode I talk to Coach Jon Hersel from York High school, Coach Hersel has coached at many different schools and many different levels and has taken away some great experiences from each. He is starting his 2nd year at York high school and has already taken the program to new heights. York High school is a 4AAAA high school located in York, SC. Here is a quick bio about Jon Hersel:

Coach Hersel is a graduated from Jamestown college located in North Dakota in 2000, then went on to be a an strength intern at Miami, a grad assistant at LSU and a grad assistant at Mississippi. He then got the position of head strength coach at Baldwin county high school located in Alabama before being an assistant strength & condition coach at the university of south Alabama. Coach Hersel trained the athletes for 3 years before  getting the head strength coach position at York high in August of 2014.

Jon is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA. He also has his USAW certifcation as well as his USATF. (USA track and Field)

Contact Coach Hersel at:


Facebook: Jon Hersel



HSSC 13: Aaron Cottingham from Westside High talks about Coach Heroic tech and Tsunami Bars

In todays episode I talk to Coach Aaron Cottingham from Westside High school, Coach Cottingham has some awesome things to share about Ram Strength & Conditioning and some of the great successes he has had so far.  He is currently in his 3rd year at Westside and they have had a great summer training program. Here is a little about Coach Cottingham.

Coach Cottingham started as a sports performance coach at Velocity sports for 3 years before moving on to teaching and coaching football and basketball at west oak middle school over near Clemson, SC. After leaving West oak he went on to Westside high school where he has been for 3 years serving as director of player development and the outside linebackers coach. Coach Cottingham holds his CSCS through the NSCA, he is a Certified specialist in speed and explosion with NASE and he is a level 1 USA weightlifting coach through USAW.

Contact Coach Cottingham at:


Facebook: Aaron Cottingham


Westside Athletics:

HSSC 12: Kevin Kaga from Marlboro County loves seeing his athletes improve physically and mentally 

In todays episode I talk to Coach Kevin Kaga from Marlboro County, and we talk today about how his training has helped the players develop both physically and mentally for life.

Here is a little background on Coach Kaga.

Coach K received his bachelors and masters in education from Western Carolina University and then also received a second Masters in Education from South Carolina state university.  He became a grad assistant strength coach at Appalachian state university in 1984. Coach K got his start in coaching at Conway high school with Chuck Jordan in 1987. He then moved on to North Myrtle Beach high school for 5 years. After North Myrtle beach he coached at Sumter high school for 7 years before making his current stop at Marlboro county for the last 13 years. Coach Kaga was just the 2nd person in the state of South Carolina to be hired strictly for strength and conditioning of high school athletes.


Coach K has so much knowledge in the strength & conditioning field and has been able to change so many student athlete lives. He is very involved with the South Carolina strength coaches association, strength meets, and just trying to help every athlete and strength coach out there just get better.

Contact Coach Kaga:


Facebook page: first name: SChighschool last name: strengthcoachesassociation


HSSC 11 – Micah Kurtz and his philosophy on AC Flora Falcon Strength & Conditioning

In this episode I talk with the Director of Strength & Conditioning at AC Flora in Columbia, South Carolina. Coach Micah Kurtz is in his 7th year at AC Flora and has had great success with the building and developing of his strength program and has really built a great athletic culture there. He goes to sleep every night thinking he has to be ready to be able to train the athletes the next day because they are relying on him to get them better. And he lives up to that motivation factor for sure!

Here is a little bio on Coach Micah Kurtz:

Micah Kurtz is in his 7th year as the Director of Strength and Conditioning at AC Flora high school in Columbia, South Carolina.  In his role, Coach Kurtz has developed the school’s first ever school wide strength and conditioning program and created a school wide culture of vitality and fitness which includes not only student-athletes, but also the faculty, staff, parents and community.

In the past year, AC Flora was named the #1 athletic program in the Columbia metropolitan area by the State Newspaper.  The baseball team has won 3 straight state championships; the basketball team won the state championship in 2014 and was upper state champions in 2015.  The football team tied the school record for wins and won the region championship in 2015.  It has won the region championship in 3 of the past 4 years and Coach Kurtz also serves as the team’s Associate Head Coach/Special Team’s Coordinator/Linebacker’s Coach.  The boy’s soccer team won its first ever state championship. and the golf team has won 5 straight state championships.

Additionally, Coach Kurtz is the Strength and Conditioning Consultant Coach to the high school basketball power house Oak Hill Academy. The Oak Hill Basketball team is currently 45-0 and ranked #1 in the Nation.

Here is a short video STACK magazine did about Coach Kurtz and our Strength program:

Coach Kurtz has taken on the duty of overseeing Richland School District One’s new district wide strength and conditioning program.  For this duty, Coach Kurtz presented at the Richland One Coaches Convocation and at multiple Athletic Director’s meetings.

Coach Kurtz took 50 athletes to the Region Speed and Strength Meet and 11 of them medaled.  AC Flora had 5 athletes come in first place in their weight class and had a clean sweep of the 150 lb. division by winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Of Flora’s 11 athletes that qualified, 9 were in the varsity division.  At the State Meet, AC Flora was the ONLY school in the state with two varsity champions.

Coach Kurtz also organized the first ever Richland One Intra District Speed and Strength Combine and hosted South Carolina’s 2nd annual Female Speed and Strength Meet.  At this meet AC Flora had 2 overall weight class winners and 4 other athletes came in the top 3.  There were only 5 weight classes at this meet.

This past year, Coach Kurtz was named the State Director of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) South Carolina Chapter.  He was also named a member of the NSCA’s Subject Matter Expert Committee to create a new NSCA certification.  This group of 15 individuals is some of the most respected and well known fitness professionals in the country.

Coach Kurtz spoke at the Nike Coach of the Year Clinics in Atlanta and Orlando, the NSCA’s South Carolina State Clinic and the PGC/Glazier Basketball Clinic in Charlotte.  Coach Kurtz will also be presenting at the South Carolina Coaches Conference in July.

Coach Kurtz is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a USA Weight Lifting Sport’s Performance Certified Coach (USAW), a Functional Movement Screen Specialist (FMS), a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) and a Speed and Explosion Specialist (NASE).

Contact Coach Micah Kurtz here:




Check out his 12 week vertical jump program here:



HSSC 10: Fred Eaves Strength Coach for 2015 from BGA, talks about his athletes getting better physically and mentally

In this episode I talk with Coach Fred Eaves from Battle Ground Academy in Franklin TN. Coach Eaves has been named the national strength & conditioning coach of the year for 2015. He has done some amazing things with his athletes and he continues to change athletes lives every single day he trains. I was able to talk to him at the Sorinex Summer Strong 8 Clinic held at the University of South Carolina.

Here is his bio:

Fred Eaves is currently in his 4th year as the strength and conditioning coach at Battle Ground Academy in Franklin, Tennessee. He is certified through the NSCA as a CSCS and RSCC. He is also certified through USA Weightlifting and USA Track and Field. He has 17 years of experience that includes coaching at LSU, Tennessee, and Tennessee-Chattanooga. Eaves has been the strength and conditioning coach for multiple state champions in various sports as well of hundreds of college signees. He was voted the 2015 NSCA High School Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year as well as the 2013 Samson Equipment and American Football Monthly High School Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year. Eaves is a STACK Expert contributor for topics in strength and conditioning and sport psychology, and he has a monthly blog about strength and conditioning on the American Football Monthly website. Eaves is a prominent speaker and presenter in the field of strength and conditioning.

Coach Eaves helped the football team win 3 football state championships at 2 different schools, and reach state finals at 3 different schools.  And in recently with Olympic sports he helped boys basketball become state champs as well as boys soccer and girls soccer wining state and baseball making it to the final four in state.

Contact Coach Eaves for questions on training at

Facebook: Fred Eaves



Cell: 865-335-5757


HSSC 009: How to better your knowledge in the Strength and Conditioning Lon Record from Hammer Strength Clinics

In this short episode I talk to Lon Record who is the National Athletic Manager for Hammer Strength clinics.  I talk to him about the Hammer strength clinics schedule, who usually attends and why they are so important and crucial to High School Strength Coaches. You can learn so much from a Clinic or Conference about what other coaches in the strength & conditioning field are doing. Also if you are certified with any certification board you need those CEU’s too.

Register for Hammer Strength Clinics Here:

Contact Lon Record at:


HSSC 008: Coach Brian Jackson talks about the State Strength Meet in South Carolina

In this episode I travel to Lexington South Carolina for the 2015 High School State Strength Meet. This state meet features the top 2 finishers from each weight class from the regional meets that were held in previous weeks. I talk to Coach Brian Jackson who has been operating the meets for many years. He knows a lot about the field of high school strength coaching as well as putting on awesome strength meets for high school athletes to compete in. Some very interesting details on how you can run your own strength meet or put together one for your state. Lots of state records were broken at this meet. You can check out the highlight video as well as two other Record breaking lifts on the High School Strength Coach Youtube channel here: HS STRENGTH COACH YOUTUBE


Contact Coach Jackson for more info on hosting a Strength Meet.



HSSC 007: Coach Cash from the Dorman Cavaliers talks about his Massive new weightroom, the Tier System and Block Zero

In this episode I interview Coach Eric Cash from Dorman High School. The Cavaliers of Dorman just completed a giant investment in their athletic program and that was the 8,500 square foot weight room with 22 racks and a mondo floor. Before Dorman, Coach Cash coached at Clemson University, PC University, and Elon university before stopping at Dorman. He has a ton of experience coaching athletes from all levels. He is currently working on his Doctorate in Kinesiology.

Contact Coach Cash for more info on Block zero and the Tier System at:

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HSSC 006: Head Strength Coach Andrew Caldwell talks about Viking Strength


In this episode I talk to Coach Andrew Caldwell who is the head strength coach for the Spartanburg Vikings. He was most recently at Woodruff high school for the last 7 years. So he will be starting a new chapter in his life of being the new high school strength coach. Coach Caldwell talks about his program and an awesome athlete grading system he has implemented for his student athletes.  It works so well, he has not had to change anything since he first started it.

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HSSC 005: 21 Tips for High School Strength Coaches to use on the first day of school

In this episode I am going to talk to you about 21 easy tips you can use with your strength & conditioning class or weightlifting class on the first day of school. Besides the first day, these tips need to be implemented throughout the first week as well. Many are housekeeping issues, and some you may already do, but some may give you an idea on something new you may want to try. If you have more ideas and procedures and policies you implement, let me know so that I can spread the word to other High School Strength Coaches across the nation.

 My name is Dane Nelson. I am a former college and high school strength coach. I created this podcast for strength coaches at any level but more specifically for High School Strength Coaches. I want strength coaches to be able to connect to each other and learn more about the growing field of full time high school strength coaching.  Thanks for checking out the website.  It would be great to connect with other strength coaches and talk about what works and what doesn’t work when training high school athletes.  This is why I created this podcast. I hope  you find it useful and valuable!

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HSSC 004: Coach Tony Smith from Gaffney High School talks about Indian Strength & Conditioning

In this episode I talk to Coach Tony Smith from the Gaffney Indians. Tony Smith has been the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Gaffney High School for  last 7 years. He has helped win  five State championships; Football in 2012, Basketball in 2012, 2010, Baseball and Softball in 2009.  He has 14 years at the college level being at North Greenville, Gardner Webb, Clemson, University of Findlay, Ole Miss, and Florida Atlantic.  He has also helped those collegiate football teams go to numerous bowl games as well.

He is a certified college strength and condition coach CSCCA, as well as a Specialist in Sports Conditioning by the international sports science association.

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HSSC 003: Top 10 tips for starting a High School Strength and Conditiong program


In this episode I am going to talk about the top 10 tips on how to start a high school strength program. There are lots of different things that need to be done and many personnel in the school district need to be on the same page to have a successful and effective program to help the athletes perform at optimal levels. I am going to give you the my Top 10 tips on what you need in place first before starting.


HSSC 002: Coach Michael Srock Byrnes talks about his High School Strength Program

In this episode I talk to Coach Michael Srock who is the Head strength coach for the Running Rebels of Byrnes High School. Coach Srock works and stays determined to train his athletes at  high levels. He has helped the rebels win 8 state championships in the last 12 years, as well as other various Olympic sport championships. He is NASE certified as well as on the board and he is a national coach for USA weightlifting. He is also the author of 101 fundamentals for football speed and has another book coming soon.

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HSSC 001: Welcome to The High School Strength Coach Podcast

Hello, my name is Dane Nelson. I am a former college and high school strength coach. I created this podcast for strength coaches at any level but more specifically for High School Strength Coaches. I want strength coaches to be able to connect to each other and learn more about the growing field of full time high school strength coaching.  Thanks for checking out the website.  It would be great to connect with other strength coaches and talk about what works and what doesn’t work when training high school athletes.  This is why I created this podcast. I hope  you find it useful and valuable!