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Hello, my name is Dane Nelson. I am a former college and high school strength coach. I created this website for strength coaches at any level but more specifically for High School Strength Coaches. I want strength coaches to be able to connect to each other and learn more about the growing field of full time high school strength coaching.  Thanks for checking out the website. Here is a quick bio about me:

I am from a small town in Wisconsin. I played all the sports you could play in high school. I went on to play football at Southwest State University in Minnesota and then transferred and played football at Liberty University the next year. Before my senior year I got an internship at Clemson University working in the Strength & Conditioning Department under Coach Joey Batson. I learned so much from Coach Batson and other staff members there. It was my first time being on the coaching side of athletics. After graduating with a degree in Sport Management I went back to Clemson University as a graduate assistant in the weightroom. I coached football and other olympic sports in strength and speed training.

Upon graduating with a Masters in Education, I was offered a job at as sports performance company. I trained all levels of athletes there from 8 year olds to the professional level. The next year I was offered a job as a head strength coach for a 3AAA high school in South Carolina. The school population at the time was about 1500 students and I was in charge of all athletic sports performance training. After 4 years of training athletes from all sports, I fell victim to the (HFCCCD) “Head Football Coach, Coaching Change Disease”  that is spreading the high school level at a fast rate. This disease was usually only present at the college levels but has moved into the very competitive high school levels.

When I was at the high school level I noticed there was not a website that could connect high school strength coaches together for training articles, event news, contact information or anything. If I wanted to contact to a certain coach from a lower state high school to see how he is organizing his summer workouts, it would be very hard for me to get in touch with him. It would be great to connect with other strength coaches and talk about what works and what doesn’t work when training high school athletes.  This is why I created this website. I hope  you find it useful and valuable!

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